Engelmann i-Studio 6 and Android Converter

i-Studio 6 is the music and film converter for Apple iPhone, iTouch, iPod and Co. i-Studio can handle an extraordinary wide range of source formats and generates MP3/M4A-songs or MP4-video files, which you can copy to iPod, iPod nano, iPod touch, AppleTV and/or your iPhone.

Android Converter enables you to create video clips and audio and photo files for your Android-based mobile or smartphone. With just a few mouse clicks and by using DVD-videos (or single chapters) and video files of different formats and resolutions you create video clips for your Android-Gadget. Another option is the conversion of nearly all audio files (including DRM-protected ones), DVD-music tracks, clips of video platforms and audio-CDs to Android-compatible music files.
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39 votes Vote

Combine into a single program; both android and ios play similar/same formats, and separate converters only confuse!

Laurel, 15.09.2012, 08:05
23 votes Vote

I would like NOT to have to disable my firewall and anti-virus for instalation. This is dangerous and should be completely unnescessary.

Fiachra Ó Donnchadha, 15.09.2012, 12:38
14 votes Vote

Firstly the registration process is too long winded and takes 2 emails, simplify it. Secondly it insists on updating Flash player (why) ? Thirdly the download does not have any reference to an Android converter.. Nor does the package (which is iStudi

David Woodroof, 15.09.2012, 14:10
1 comment
13 votes Vote

Your approach to separate Android and iOS is correct. Android owners do not want to pay for iOS and not use it, and vice versa.

peter, 15.09.2012, 14:47
1 comment
12 votes Vote

30 and 28 mb is too much just for a single converter. decrease the size.bring it to 15 to 20 mb.

pradeep, 15.09.2012, 10:51
0 votes Vote

Increase competitive edge by combining formats as suggested and reducing prices considerably. Thank you for the gotd.

sharon.sg1, 15.09.2012, 18:22
0 votes Vote

see Windows Phone 7 & 8 included. Can help with development if required.

RichieS, 15.09.2012, 22:17
0 votes Vote

Engelmann Media GmbH to provide me with a serial key to my email. This is second GOTD when this happened - then they send junk mail

Dave Tyler, 15.09.2012, 23:07
0 votes Vote

registration issue : program crashes at registration when filling form with key (win x64), remains in demo mode

Used sent key, program stos working.... will uninstall
Serge, 16.09.2012, 07:13